Rory O’Kane’s site

This is Rory O’Kane’s personal website,

There are a lot of things that I want to put up here eventually. For now, I’ll just link to a few of them, and also leave some stubs here. Later, I’ll upload and link to some of my other works, or write up more of my thoughts.

My works



My open-source code.

Desktop software


Small web pages

Flash games

JavaScript bookmarklets

Not uploaded yet.

GreaseMonkey scripts


Music I have composed or transcribed.

Visual art

Site accounts

My profiles on various sites not related to any of the categories above. The things to look at in these profiles are generally my posts, my comments, and my favorites (of whatever the site is about).

Social news



Link collections

My favorites of various things on the internet.

About Me

I enjoy computer programming, reading books and fan-fiction, and playing video games. I also like listening to video game music, and composing my own music. I currently live in the United States. I am currently (June 2013) 22 years old.

My email address is floating around, if you need it.